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HARSHY NEW YEAR ! (Updated 28.01)

9 January 2017

Hi all,

Dear followers, i wish you a year full of satisfactions & pleasures !

Here’s the schedule of my next events for 2017 so far :

Live :

25.02.17 : Premiere of my new duo (on electric guitar) with MASAHIKO UEJI on keyboards as opening act to “Music(s)” a documentary by Guillaume Déro on Otomo Yoshihide @ Vidéodrome 2, Marseille 6e

17.03.17 : HARSH (+ Joey Molinaro)  @ Asile 404, Marseille, 6e

15.04.17 : H.B [FOLK] + CHRISTOPHE LANGLADE @ Data, Marseille 6e

May : “Fahey Tribute” concert playing AZALEA ON THE EDGE OF STEEL with CHRISTOPHE LANGLADE (solo) more details soon….

June : H.B [FOLK] post recording/preview of forthcoming album tour (tba)

FALL/WINTER (plans) : Touring with HARSH, H.B [Folk] & different collaborations (tba)…

In Studio  :

January/February & March : Recording & Mixing tracks for H.B [FOLK]  “A ROOM FOR LIVING” :  including project “UN-TRAD” series : An attempt of the creation of a new primitive music using old traditional instruments in unconventional ways. This concept is around amplified 5-string banjo using percussion technique (including skin, strings & body of the instrument) as a tool to create textured harmony & dissonance.

April : Recording of “AZALEA ON THE EDGE OF STEEL (For John Fahey)” piece.

May-June : Working & then Recording on HARSH new album.

In parallel, i will rework on the composition of “Acoustic Mirror” my new electroacoustic piece (acoustic guitar, mics & feedback interactions) .

And finally an idea of a performance collaboration with video is in project with Camille Thilloy. More info soon !

To be continued !

Best Regards



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