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17.04.17 : AN IMPORTANT DECISION & some schedule changes !

17 April 2017

Hi all,

First i would like to thank Christophe Langlade (really a musician to follow, and looking forward his new acoustic album) & Data crew for a nice concert evening last Saturday in my home town. (Désolé, chers marseillais, j’ai oublié de l’annoncer ici, mais j’imagine que la plupart d’entre-vous était au courant).

So, let’s go all the way to the point of this post.

I’ve just made an important decision concerning my work, after 6 years of equal work on instrumentals tracks/pieces & songs (with vocals & lyrics in english) for my [Folk] project, i’ve decided to stop singing & writing songs.

I would like to thank all the supporters of this particular approach, including  some professionals like Jean-Louis Abbadie/Celtic Pub (Tarbes), Damien Morel/Data & l’Enthropy (Marseilles), le Chaff & Radio Campus (Brussels), Trash Vortex/Kobe (Ivry/Paris)….

It was nice and i’m glad to have give it a try, i have more to say and of better quality to my point of view in instrumental.

So there’s a slight shifting of schedule after this decision (comparing of what was announced here in the last months).

  • April-May :

1/ “Studio recording of : Azalea On The Edge of Steel” : my tribute piece for John Fahey on acoustic guitar.

2/ Studio recording of “UN-TRAD” that will include both picking & percussive instrumentals 5 string banjo tracks as a full album .

  • Summer 2017 :

1/ Creation of “Acoustic Mirror” for steel sting guitar & feedback with video by Camille Thilloy,

2/ In parallel, i will finish the recording & mix both “AZALEA…” & “UN-TRAD” pieces for 2 releases surely early 2018 now if physicals ones or Fall 2017 if digital, to be confirmed.

  • September 2017 :

An audiovisual performance premiere of “Acoustic Mirror” will be in September at Videodrome 2 in Marseilles (date to be announce), surely a couple of other ones in other european cities will follow..

  • October 2017 : UN-TRAD european tour with several very nice guests including Félon & more to be announced

& more to come including HARSH recording & tour….

Thanks of your attention

Best regards









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